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Meltron Finnish Masters GP 2020

The ESF Masters Committee have agreed that due to Covid-19 outbreak, it is not feasible to to proceed with the Masters Circuit events between now and the end of July.
The on-line entry is closed and the recived entries will be deleted.

The Helsinki Squash Rackets Club in co-operation with the Finnish Squash Association and Talihalli in Helsinki proudly present the 4th Meltron Finnish Masters GP 2020.

Finland has a very active Masters’ squash scene and our Masters’ players have participated in all Masters World and European Championships since 2003, when Finland had the honour of hosting the World Masters.

Finland and the Finnish Squash Association have always aimed at organizing high quality events. Finnish Squash has a long history of hosting European as well as World class events. The first European Team Championship in Finland was in 1980 followed by 1989, 1998, 2011 and the latest one in April 2017. The Men’s World Team Championships in 1991 as well as the World Masters in 2003 were a success. Apart from these prestigious event we have had the pleasure of hosting many other European Championships for Juniors and Clubs.

We aim to give you all necessary information on this site, but do feel free to contact us if there is anything we have missed.

Welcome to Helsinki to the 4th Meltron Finnish Masters’ GP 2020!

Here are the 2019 medalist

Women 35+

Monica Kokko FIN, Riikka Piekäinen FIN, Morgan Xiao-Berglund FIN

Women 50+

Helene Borg SWE, Sari Niemistö FIN, Jane Moilanen FIN

Men 35+

Janne Järvinen FIN, Pete Saarnivaara FIN, Janne Koskelin FIN

Men 45+

Marko Kämäräinen FIN, Lorenzo Conti ITA, Tommi Ryyppö FIN

Men 50+

Anssi Määttänen FIN, James Hyatt ENG, Esa Naukkarinen FIN

Men 55+

Olli Marjomaa FIN, Fredrik Johnson SWE, Esa Sutelainen FIN

Men 60+

Kale Leskinen FIN, Simon Evenden ENG (Leif Persson-Viberud SWE missing in picture)

Men 70+

Robert Keilmann GER, Markku Kaistinen FIN, Erkki Pyynönen FIN

The 2018 medalist

W35+: 2. Violaine Del Ponte FRA, 1. Riikka Piekäinen FIN, 3. Ewa Boczkowska POL

W45+: 2. Eva Rahm AUT, 1. Sam Mueller ENG, 3. Birgit Klaus GER

W50+: 2. Sari Ahlblad FIN, 1. Marja Vainio FIN, 3. Raila Luhtala FIN

M35+: 1. Janne Järvinen FIN, 2. Domagoj Spoljar CRO, (3. Jaakko-Antti Peltola FIN)

M40+: 2. Heikki Ruotanen FIN, 1. Mika Monto FIN, 3. Pete Saarnivaara FIN

M45+: 2. Marko Kämäräinen FIN, 1. Andy Holland ENG, 3. Alex Kramer NED

M50+: 2. Esa Naukkarinen FIN, 1. James Hyatt ENG, 3. Raimo Yliranta FIN

M55+: 1. Darren Withey ENG, (2. Stephen Edmondson ENG, 3. Timo Pajo FIN)

M60+: 2. Simon Evenden ENG, 1. Allen Barwise ENG, 3. Jari Mether FIN

M65+: 2. Steve Morrall ENG, 1. Esa Tuominen FIN, 3. Sam Balsdon ENG

M70+: 2. Heikki Teräsvirta, 1. Bertil Walli, 3. Jaime Velarde ESP

The 2017 medalist

W35+: Raila Luhtala, Riikka Piekäinen, Marja Vainio

W55+: Jane Moilanen, Sari Ahlblad, Petra El Ghanam

M35+: Jaakko-Antti Peltola, Mika Monto

M45+: Esa naukkarinen, Anssi Määttänen

M50+: Raimo Yliranta, James Hyatt, Erki Mäki

M55+: Heikki Castren

M60+: Lou van Talligan, Kale Leskinen, Paul Harris

M65+: Esa Tuominen, Markku Kaistinen

M70+: Lars Ekholm, Heikki Teräsvirta